My ear plug story

My husband was the WORST snorer you could ever imagine.  OH my GOODNESS, it just got worse and worse.

I’m a REALLY light sleeper.  I got to a stage that I was seriously sleep deprived.  I wasn’t thinking clearly and I started to blame everything that woke me up.

I work on the internet and with computers (and chickens… RED BARN )

So I need to be sharp, awake and refreshed.

I searched the PLANET and bought every single earplug that I could find.

The only one that got me to sleep was made in MONTANA.. good gracious.. by musicians and people who do Nascar racing and stuff … I didn’t care.

These were the best earplugs on the planet (according to me) and I decided to ask if they would allow me to sell them in South Africa.  They agreed and EarplugsONLINE South Africa began.

Many years down the line, many happy customers.  I’m still posting you the best earplugs you can buy!

Try Some! We deliver via courier and Registered mail.

May the *Peace* be with you.

Lindy Jo Gordon-Brown