Loud snoring noiseIs your partner’s snoring driving you crazy?

Fully mouldable and totally re-useable, our earplugs fit snugly into the ear canal and block out the sound of snoring – however loud. They are ideal to sleep in because they are so comfortable that you won’t even know they are there. They won’t fall out while you are sleeping either!

Block out the noise levels of snoring, noisy neighbours, traffic, planes, dogs barking, cats howling,

GET A PEACEFUL night’s sleep

snoringImported from the USA our ear plugs are made from all natural ingredients. Made from the Purest Beeswax, Sterile Cotton and Purified Lanolin, this moldable earplug has a soft texture like “dough” and forms exactly to your ear canal each time as you insert it, to give you a Personal Custom Fit. They are unobtrusive and easy to wear night and day.

Highest noise reduction NRR 34 – Block out Snoring completely

Socially, snoring is disruptive to family life, causing other family members sleepless nights and often restlessness. Snorers become unwelcome roommates on vacations and business trips. Snoring is one of the major causes of marital strife or even divorce. Our ear plugs stay in place all night and feel so comfortable that you won’t even even know they are there; and BEST of ALL /


Block out Snoring PLUS noise of traffic, noisy neighbors and barking dogs.

snore_coupleGet a peaceful night sleep with “Mighty Earplugs”

We all are acquainted with how annoying snoring can be, both for the snorer and the partner. The effects and seriousness of snoring are getting more apparent with snoring being associated to conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. The different types of snoring ranges from a simple puffing to a full on roar! Sometimes the snoring is so loud that the partner who sleeps beside the snorer is unable to ignore the noise and sleep is often impaired.

There are various products that are available in the market that aim at providing relief to the snorer. There are chin up strips, mouth guard, anti snoring pillows and even anti snoring tablets are available in the market for the snorer. BUT many snorers do not accept the fact that they snore. Hence the one who suffers is the one who sleeps beside the snorer.

One of the best *SOLUTIONS* is using earplugs for snoring. Earplugs for snoring are a simple solution obstructing noise rather than trying to prevent it. MIGHTY Earplugs have the capability to block sound up to as high as 34db.

They are absolutely safe when used correctly. Even if the snoring is very loud of about 85db and the bones in your head will conduct sound to the inner ear, it will be reduced to about 60db. That means you would only hear sound at about the volume of a normal voice during the most intense snoring, but softer snoring would be reduced a very quiet whisper. In many cases, that much reduction will be enough to allow you to sleep soundly.

So, all you need is an earplug that is effective and comfortable for you… “Mighty Plugs”

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Single pair Mighty earplugs

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Some Testimonials:

“These are the only earplugs that have enabled my partner and I to share the same bed. He snores loudly and I am a very light sleeper. Very rarely do I wake up now and if I do the noise is so low that I just drop off back to sleep. They are comfortable and you don’t even feel them. Gone are those horrible foam earplugs that used to fall out all the time and give me an ear ache. I have ordered these earplugs for my friends now who complain of snoring husbands. Sleepful slumber at last! Thanks for these, they are the best earplugs ever!!! Thanks LindyMaria Simon – New Zealand

 “Hi there! My girlfriend and I have been using your earplugs for a few weeks now and they are AWESOME!!! We both are heavy snorers. They work fantastic, are better than anything out there anywhere and are SUPER COMFORTABLE! Thank you for such a fantastic product! You may use this as a testimonial if you wish! Robert O. Hipp III, USA

“I agree with all the others who say that these earplugs have made such a difference in their lives. My husband’s snoring has literally had us in separate bedrooms for the past 4 years. I had tried everything and I even dreaded vacations where we would have to sleep in the same room with nowhere for me to escape. I ordered your ear plugs as a last resort. I can’t believe it! I really cannot believe what a difference they have made. I can sleep with both my husband and my pug (who snores almost as much as my husband) and I don’t hear them. We just came back from a vacation in a small hotel room for 3 nights and I GOT GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP EVERY NIGHT!!! Wow. I am so grateful…truly. Thanks so much.” Beth DiMaggio