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How do I insert my earplugs?2017-05-19T11:57:14+02:00

Important Directions – How to Insert your Ear Plugs

Just prior to each use (work or knead) one ear plug thoroughly between your fingers for at least 10 seconds to soften it to the texture of dough. using your index finger, push (Firmly) and (Flatten) the ear plug IN and AGAINST your ear canal (until you feel a good seal.) Then knead and insert the other ear plug the same way.

To Remove your Ear plugs
Pinch the ear plug between your thumb and index finger, Gently pull downward to loosen the seal, then slowly pull away from your ear.

The responsibility for the use of our earplugs is soley that of the user. EarplugsOnline South Africa (distributing agent) disclaims any liability, loss or otherwise, which may occur through negligence in the use of our product.

We at EarplugsOnline South Africa, send you our heartfelt, best wishes for a more restful sleep, a quieter working environment, a more comfortable swim and more peaceful concentration.

Do you have a returns policy?2017-05-19T11:57:14+02:00

We will refund you under certain conditions

Yes! If you are not happy with your earplugs you can return them to us for a full refund (not including postage or courier fees)

Please return to EarplugsOnline, PO Box 7030, Blanco, 6531.

Include your banking details, so we can do a refund on receipt of your package.

Single pair Mighty earplugs

Do Mighty Earplugs block out snoring?2017-05-19T11:57:14+02:00

Yes, Mighty earplugs are perfect for blocking out snoring!

Mighty ear plugs are really great if you have a problem with a partner (or dog) who snores.

Use them as directed and they will block out most loud snoring noises.

We always recommend to our clients to try to go to bed before the snorer, so that you are sound asleep, earplugs in place before they start.

How do I get my Mighty earplugs?2017-05-19T11:57:15+02:00

By registered mail to your Post office or by overnight courier

SAPOWe use the South African post office registered mail service.

Please note this is NOT a door to door service.  You will need to collect your earplugs from your post office.  The POSTAL CODE you give us when ordering, will determine which post office they will be delivered to.

We will send you a tracking number for your parcel and you can keep check on where it is at any time.

MDS Collivery courier
We also send parcels by courier from Monday to Thursday.  Your order MUST be in before 11am for next day service.


fedex-express-courierSometimes we also use Fedex for certain areas or if we are too late for the MDS collivery service.  You should receive your parcel the next day before 4 pm!

If you need your earplugs sent by courier, you must make sure we have proof of payment immediately.  The best way is to pay via PAYFAST our credit card processor.  You will be given this option on the checkout page.

Please make sure you have an ACCURATE address for the courier and your phone number.

How much do your earplugs cost?2017-05-19T11:57:15+02:00

Our prices may vary from time to time as our earplugs are imported from the USA

Mighty Ear plug


We have 3 different packs.  Single pair, Two Pairs and a SIX pair pack.

Each has its own perspex box to protect your earplugs and extend their use.




How long do Mighty earplugs last?2017-05-19T11:57:15+02:00

Totally re-usable for months!

Take care of your earplugs by storing them in the container provided when not in use!

Most people use them for MONTHS!  Others prefer to get a new set regularly.

We recommend about 3 months, but if they get dirty or crumbly or are not working as well as they were.

Replace them with a new set and keep a spare set on hand!

In their box, not being used, they stay fresh for a few years!

Block out snoring