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Fully imported from Oregon in the USA our ear plugs are Created by Musicians . .For All Music Lovers Hear every note * Clean * Clear * Protected *

Loud rock shows are between 110 decibels and 120 decibels and can be as high as 140 in front of the speakers. The scary truth is that prolonged exposure to noise as low as 85 decibels can cause permanent damage to ears. If you check out a lot of live shows, then listen up. The following tips will help keep your ears in top shape.

Scope the scene: When you first check out the venue, take a peek to see where the speakers are. You might be tempted to creep your way up toward the stage to get as close as possible to the action, but the reason that area isn’t as highly populated is because people are trying to protect their hearing. Farther back in the crowd is the better option, but if you’re dead set on being close to the stage, then show up early to find a spot in the center.

Invest in earplugs: Many people think that wearing earplugs would hinder their ability to enjoy the show, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. High-quality plugs block out nasty background noise and help you focus on the music.Mighty earplugs will block out the harmful noise allowing you to enjoy the concert!

Go outside when possible: Since it’s easier on your ears, check out live music outside. When you listen to your favorite band outdoors, the noise isn’t highly concentrated, making it way easier on your ears. With music-festival season kicking off, seeing shows at outdoor venues is a more viable option than ever!

WEAR Our Natural Ear Plugs. Made from Purest Beeswax, Cotton and Lanolin. This perfect blending has produced a * Musically Superior * Ear Plug, with a soft moldable texture that allows in every musical note CLEARLY, yet BLOCKS-OUT all the loud harmful frequencies that can damage one’s hearing. Stays in place while dancing “hard” or playing “hard” Reusable Gig after Gig! Concert after Concert!

Musicians are exposed to high levels of sound for long periods of time. Depending on their exposure to sound, ear plugs are often required for safe, best quality sound.

IMPORTANT ear protection for every MUSICIAN & CONCERT GOERparty_animals_e0

Professional entertainers and concert goers, know that without hearing protectors, they can rob themselves of one of their most important professional assets. That’s why* hearing protectors * are used by the biggest acts in music, by extremely well known touring dance troupes, and even by race car drivers. Using hearing protectors helps performers stay with the beat and rhythm of the music while preventing loss and tinnitus.

The Perfect Gift that shows you care.

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Some Testimonials:

From—Billy Goodman, formerly played with Jefferson Starship, Electric Hot Tuna,and the Dave Mason Band.

Dear folks —–“I’m getting ready to go out on tour again this summer and I realized I didn’t have a stock of your super ear plugs on hand. I immediately panicked and quickly stocked up. I just couldn’t survive nightly on stage or ever get a good nights sleep on the tour bus without them. I’m spreading the gospel of your “World’s Finest” Ear Plugs wherever I go and to all the bands that I work with. They’re the best ! Sincerely,” Billy Goodman, Heidelberg, Germany

“Hi — I’m Berton Averre, the lead guitarist of The Knack. We still gig regularly, and “My Sharona” – which I co-wrote is proving to be the hit that refuses to die, being featured most recently in the Charlie’s Angels trailor. I am a very satisfied customer of your earplugs — I wear them every show — and it struck me while placing my latest order that you might want to use my name and testimonial.” Berton Averre of the Knack

From— Mike Hudgins, Hawaiian Bagpiper “Hi World’s Finest—I’m in a bagpipe band and I hang around (jet engines) at the airport for a day job. Believe me, I’ve tried everthing and your ear plugs are by far the greatest. Best for fit, best for staying put, best for comfort, best for longivity, and especially best for noise attenuation. Thank you from the extreme edge of noise immersion, er, I mean, the (middle of the pipe band).”Mike Hudgins, Kailua, Hawaii