“Mighty Earplugs” for use with all types of guns

cowboy-shooter Imported from the USA our ear plugs are made from all natural ingredients, rated as “The Worlds Best ” Made from the Purest Beeswax, Sterile Cotton & Purified Lanolin, this moldable earplug has a soft texture like “dough” and forms exactly to your ear canal each time as you insert it, to give you a Personal Custom Fit. They are unobtrusive and easy to wear night and day

For shooting you need to wear the BEST EAR Protection you can find! YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID

Paintball – Combat shooting Hunting Target Range practice – Skeet Shooting – Motocross – Drag races – Monster Truck Events

** REUSABLE FOR YEARS ** Comfortable and they STAY IN PLACE on the shooting range

When ear plugs and ear muffs are used, the combined NRR provides approximately 5 decibels more than the higher rated of the two products. For those shooting indoors, under covered ranges or larger calibers, consider using something like Mighty plugs for maximum protection, with ear muffs.

Highest noise reduction NRR 34 The perfect ear plug for Shooting, Bikers, motorcyclists

Shooting can place an extraordinary demand on ear protection – so an earplug with a high Noise Reduction Rating is recommended. Shooting causes a very short burst of intense noise that can be seriously detrimental to hearing.

Various types of hearing protectors can offer relatively similar levels of protection. Surprisingly, the most expensive type (Electronic earmuffs) typically offer no more protection than cheaper re-useable earplugs.

Wear our higher quality, reusable “Mighty earplugs” earplugs when hunting or shooting

In especially noisy environments, such as when shooting very loud firearms or at an indoor range, it is wise to wear earplugs inside of earmuffs. Providing the maximum level of hearing protection. Always wear some sort of ear protection when shooting.

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