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Mighty Earplug Testimonials

“Your earplugs truly do what they say they do.  I’ve used them for snoring, travel and noisy barking dogs.  I am never without a pair in my handbag! Thank you EPO we will be back to buy some more soon.”
Lisa Jane
“All I can say is that Mighty earplugs Really REALLY work.  My husband snores like a trooper and I can’t sleep in the same room as him without my earplugs. Thanks for these, I will recommend them to my friends. “
Angel Avada
“Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the great earplugs. I use them at rock concerts and when I am listening to loud music.  I also use them to sleep.  WOW! They are so effective at blocking out unwanted noise.  I find them particularly good at blocking out TRAFFIC noise, which I hate having grown up on a farm.”
“They arrived yesterday. Icouldn’t wait to open the package and tried them straight away. WOW!, they are superb – the best I have ever fitted, with almost total sound blockout. Sure beats all of those foam products!! Really great having come across your website and will order more in the future. My wife & I have a holiday booked in a noisy centrally located hotel in Honolulu next month and will appreciate the sound blockout of these plugs. Thank you so much for such an effective, genuine product”
Geoff & Carolyn Shaw
“I have used every earplug available and none worked like these..A friend gave me a pair since I would be traveling and rooming with a snorer for 3 weeks..Didn’t trust that they would work, but they absolutely did..THEY BLOCKED OUT just ordered a package for future. Finally an earplug that does what it says it will do!!!!”
Margaret Leon
“I am a newlywed, and my husband snores horribly.. I’ve tried everything to block out his snoring so I could sleep in the same room. I’ve tried a noise machine, nose strips for him, sleeping medication for me and a endless variety of over-the-counter earplugs that never fit, never block out sound and are terribly irritating to wear. Nothing worked & every morning I would wake up in the spare bed- room. I can’t tell you enough, how happy I am with the World’s Finest Ear Plugs. I am pleased to say that I no longer hear him. You truly have saved my marriage. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”
Mendy Adams
“I have suggested to many people to buy your earplugs. I sleep soundly and no longer hear the dog next door, or the disruptive sounds as we travel throughout India, China, Burma, Cambodia, etc. WHAT A TRUE MARVEL. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!”
Ralph Pine
“I just wanted to send an e-mail about your ear plugs that I purchased a couple of months ago. Wow, I don’t say this lightly as I have tried all sorts of other ear plugs in my lifetime. Yours are BY FAR THE BEST and they give TOTAL, and I mean TOTAL NOISE REDUCTION. We’ve had problems with our neighbors having loud parties. It used to drive my wife and I insane. Last night they had another loud party, but the best part was when we put the plugs in. ABSOLUTE TOTAL SILENCE! Thanks again, for a truly great product.”
Darryl Howse
“About a year ago I was looking for ear plugs and so I surf the web. I found your website, read your reviews and thought I would give your ear plugs a try. Since then I have ordered about 3 to 4 times from your site. Your ear plugs really do work well. The best I’ve ever had. In fact, I’ve even had a custom pair of ear plugs made and they do not block sound as well as your plugs do. Thank you for your product. God bless!”
Lawrence Seyer
“Hi, I would like to thank God for leading me to find your magnificent earplugs. It seems that I’m a magnet for bass thumping noisy neighbors. I moved out from my previous apartment because my neighbor always had drunken parties and loud bass music. I couldn’t fall asleep until 2-3am in the morning. I was going nearly insane. I’ve even tried other earplugs, the expensive ones, the cheap ones. Nothing seemed to drown the bass. However, your earplugs have saved my life, literally. Now I can sleep on my time & not according to those inconsiderate neighbors. All the Best.”
EBY Ziad
“I absolutely love your ear plugs. I ride a Harley and I won’t use anything else”
Claude Mathis


More Mighty ear plug testimonials

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with Mighty Plugs. I just placed my forth order, and the process is very easy. The ear plugs are wonderful. They successfully block-out ALL noise, whether it’s a train, traffic, snoring or loud neighbors. —I store them in the handy individual case which you provide with each order. Thank you for making this excellent product available.
Paul Folmbee
I am an American soldier serving in Afghanistan. I wanted to let you know that I am amazed at how well the ear plugs work. They are by far the best ear plugs on the market when it comes to blocking out (very very loud)unwanted noise. I’m even able to get a good night’s sleep without having to listen to all my roommate’s snoring. Thank you
David Bo Medley
THANK YOU!!!! I am a swimmer and have been for 30 years, 60 minutes a day. I have suffered through swimmer’s ear numerous times; sometimes with considerable pain. Your ear plugs are a wonder! With all the hype that surrounds most products, one becomes numb to most claims, but you indeed make the best ear plugs in the world , and I THANK YOU.
Peter Bice

More earplug recommendations from Trust Pilot

Really good earplugs. I have recommended this product to many other wives of snoring husbands and believe they has saved several marriages!
Katrina Graham
Thank you for the best night’s sleep in years! I had a friend recommend Mighty Plugs to me when I complained about the lack of sleep I have had because of my husband’s loud snoring.She let me have a pair to try out. Wow! They actually worked! So much better than the store bought plugs I had already tried. It has been a year now & I am so thankful to my good friend & Mighty Plugs. !
Sharon Monett
No more painful ears. When it came to hair washing or swimming I used to dread getting water in my ears because of the consequences ie; infection and chronic pain.I’ve tried everything from cotton wool, screw type ear plugs and tape but water has always managed to get in…. So in desperation I checked out other types of plugs on the internet by entering ” the best ever ear plugs ” and these came up so I thought I would give them a try and ordered 4. I’ve washed my hair several times now and I’m delighted to say I have had dry ears every time….no more painful squeaky ears which were so miserable making.I can now wash my hair with confidence although I have noticed that because of the hot water they can only be used a few times as they get quite pliable and become slightly detached from the top of the ear, so I just pop a new one in and problem solved for me. To quote the “X Factor” it’s a yes from me !!
Dorothy Tapp
  Best.earplugs.ever. We will never use another earplug! My husband and I cannot sleep unless we are wearing these!  I didn’t think I would find anything that would really work.  They do. The best thing is that they last for ages and ages.  I also like the fact that they are made from all natural products. No harmful dyes or chemicals, just pure lanoline, cotton and bees wax.  AWESOME! They are really very, very comfortable, and the easiest ear plugs to use (I have tried all different kinds. Mighty plugs are the most comfortable and block everything out until the alarm goes off.
Joe M
  It does what it says on the package. It gives what l wanted, successful water tight seal to the ears; very happy!
Frederick Kingdone
  Total sound exclusion & Total water exclusion too. I’m a musician and feared I must give up my daily swimming because of ear infections. I tried every kind of ear plug in every kind of material before resorting to ordering Mighty ear plugs. I knew these were special as I walked down the corridor of the pool changing room. The sound exclusion was so total. Total water exclusion too, with no tendency to loosen. Thanks so much for prompt delivery & your wonderful product. Beeswax, fancy that!
Trevor Buck
I am a professional helicopter pilot. I used to wear a noise attenuating helmet while flying, but still had ringing every night. I tried your ear plugs a few years ago and loved the attenuation. NO MORE RINGING AT NIGHT ! I just ordered some more. I will never stop using your fabulous ear plugs.
Joe Craddock
Best. Earplugs. Ever. I can’t live without them. Excellent delivery time. I have been using these earplugs for years. They changed my life. I cannot sleep without them. Excellent delivery time, great selection, good price point.
Perfect Solution for this light sleeper. I feel I must write regarding your amazing ear plugs. I used to find it very hard to get to sleep as I am a light sleeper. Added to this, I am a police officer and have to sleep on a very noisy street, during the daytime following a night shift. Since I purchased your ear plugs, I have had continued days or nights of uninterupted sleep. Thank you.
Steven McGrath
Surprising effect! I LOVE these plugs for sleeping. They are the best at blocking out noise and super comfortable (more on that later). I even use them when there is no noise to block – as I have found that the rhythmic sound of my own breathing (which is increased with the plugs) helps lull me to sleep. Who’d have thought! As for comfort, I have settled on using half a plug, rolling it into a ball, then giving it a shove with my middle finger. This fully blocks the ear hole and is way more comfortable than stuffing a log shape down in there.
Gregg Smythe
Blessed Silence! I’ve used Worlds Finest Ear Plug for over a year. By far the best ear plugs out there. Easy to use, comfortable, and very cost effective.
Dianne Swadden
NO Snoring! My husband and I could not sleep in the same room until I ordered these earplugs! They work like a charm 🙂 
Best Ear Plugs – EVER! I found the these ear plugs years ago and because my husbands snores I ordered them without even a second thought. That has to be at least 5 to 10 years ago and I would NEVER use another ear plug EVER. I fell in love with their easy use, their comfort and how long they last. The best part, it muffles the noise to a point of just a buzz in the background, but you can hear louder noises . . . such as smoke alarms, if need be.  
Kimberly Marotti
Ah, sweet peaceful sleep is finally mine. With road construction and our animals’ antics at night, I was getting less and less sleep. It was influencing my quality of work, creativity and patience. I now use these earplugs every night and get the uninterrupted sleep that I need. I pack them with me when I travel, and I give them as gifts for my friends and family. I LOVE the world’s finest ear plugs. Truly!
Marie-Claire Bernards
  Fantastic earplugs !
I have been using the earplugs now for at least 10 years and they are the best around for keeping noise out. And also are reusable so will last a long time. James Morris
James Morris
Stick It In Your Ear!
Convenient case, plugs easy to use, cut wind noise way down. How long they remain reusable (I’m still on the first pair – 3 uses – total about 12 hours) will determine their “value for the money”. Performance and comfort-wise… A-1.
jeffry gagnon
Finally, a good night’s sleep! Being a very light sleeper, it has been difficult getting any sufficient lengthy sleep. We all snore. However, my wife and dog have kept me up tossing and turning on numerous occasions. Your Worlds Finest Ear Plugs have given me back the sleep I need. By far, what a tremendous product! I am also a drummer and the plugs completely eliminate the high pitches created from cymbals. Two most important words……THANK YOU!!
Dan M
The ONLY earplugs that work for me! Great service, too!
I use the blue earplugs mainly for sleeping with my husband and his CPAP machine. The noise it makes drives me crazy and I can’t sleep. The blue plugs give a great seal EVERY time and are comfortable to insert and wear all night. Other plugs were very difficult to insert into my ear canals and get a good seal against the noise, and were very uncomfortable to ear while sleeping on my side. I also use the blue plugs for mowing the lawn. Again, because they are SO EASY to insert, and they protect my hearing from the mower noise.
Ann Burns

Mighty Earplugs advantages

  • All natural – no harmful dyes or chemicals
  • Will store for more than 10 years
  • Re-usable, time and time again
  • Value for money
  • Effective for blocking noise and water
  • Tried and trusted for years
  • Imported from the USA
  • Fits all ears
  • Safe from children
  • Protection for ears