Sleep on planesTraveling with “Mighty Earplugs”

The *Perfect Solution* for: Noisy Airplane Cabins, Noisy Hotels & Motels, Snoring Bed Partners Street Traffic – yeah, we understand!

That unwanted associate who shares your room and keeps you awake with his snoring?

That baby on the international flight who just wont stop crying, the hotel that starts cleaning the passage at 2 am in the morning… we at earplugsonline have all been there!

Now there is a solution – ** Mighty Plugs ** – the World’s very best Ear Plug, a wonderful traveling companion. Made from Purified Beeswax, Sterile Cotton and Lanolin,their soft-moldable texture.

Take Us With You on your travels! You’ll be SO Glad You Did ! Forms exactly to the shape of your ear canal, as you insert it, creating a Personal Custom Fit .

They are *Reusable for Years* & * Best of All *They Block-Out Sound . ..I n s t a n t l y !

Benefits for Travelers

Mighty Ear plug

Single pair Mighty Plugs

Sleep Peacefully & Undisturbed | Look & Feel Refreshed On Arrival | Read and Enjoy in Complete Silence

This * Exceptional Ear Plug * is fully imported from the USA. We are pleased to be able to supply “Mighty Plugs” in South Africa

Blocking out the noise of snoring, traffic, bikes, planes, cars, music,kids, hotels. Making it easier to arrive at your destination refreshed.

Soft & Moldable and so,so comfortable they form to and seal your ear canal upon insertion. Advanced NRR 34 rating allows our ear plugs to block out * MUCH MORE SOUND* than any other ear plug on the market, providing you with the best hearing protection

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 Some Testimonials:

Sleep on plane“I agree with all the others who say that these earplugs have made such a difference in their lives. My husband’s snoring has literally had us in separate bedrooms for the past 4 years. I had tried everything and I even dreaded vacations where we would have to sleep in the same room with nowhere for me to escape. I ordered your ear plugs as a last resort. I can’t believe it! I really cannot believe what a difference they have made. I can sleep with both my husband and my pug (who snores almost as much as my husband) and I don’t hear them. We just came back from a vacation in a small hotel room for 3 nights and I GOT GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP EVERY NIGHT!!! Wow. I am so grateful…truly. Thanks so much.”Beth DiMaggio, USA

“My wife says I snore, and she might be right; but I know that she breathes very loud. We both wear your ear plugs every night. It’s a win-win because we can’t hear each other. We sleep great and even get along better. We’ve tried them all. Your ear plugs are by far, the finest we have found.” Anonymous in Oregon
I just have to tell you and I have to tell others about your wonderful ear plug. I scored in the top 1% on the Bar Exam, out of literally 100’s of students. I’m certain that I couldn’t have done so well without your Ear Plugs. They really are the best because they are so soft and comfortable that one doesn’t even know they are wearing an ear plug. I was amazed how well they helped me concentrate. Most grateful–Andrew McMillan

“I am an American soldier serving in Afghanistan. I wanted to let you know that I am amazed at how well the ear plugs work. They are by far the best thing on the market when it comes to blocking out (very loud) unwanted noise and I’m grateful that I made the purchase. I’m actually able to get a good night’s sleep without having to listen to all my roommate’s snoring. Thank you! ” David “Bo” Medley–USA

Motorcycle Rider “I am reordering because your product works better than any others that I have tried. I ride a motorcycle without a windscreen or helmet. Your plugs are the only ones that I have found that can be molded in a way that seals out the wind completely, yet will allow important traffic sounds to penetrate. You should definitely consider advertising in Motorcycle magazines. Thank you.” Ronald Brown

Your earplugs changed my life! Now I get up only once a night, instead of 8 or 9 times, due to my husband’s snoring. I feel great, now that I can sleep. I love how soft and comfortable they feel and how well they block out. Thank you very very much !”
Mary Schram, Ireland, Scotland, Germany & USA

“One word to describe your earplugs, WOW! I have been married to an extremely LOUD snorer for 8 years now. I have been through what seems like a million different earplugs, and NONE OF THEM WORKED until I found your product online. They are comfortable and I can sleep through the snoring and wake up refreshed every day! Thank you sooooo much for offering such a high quality product at awesome prices. Jeanna Rodgers

“Dear good people, I now fall asleep in 1 minute instead of listening to his snoring for an hour. I’m so grateful that I discovered you and your wonderful ear plugs. You changed my life and saved my marriage and brought a happiness to my life that was missing for too many years. With much love and appreciation.” Rose DeLuca